#186 From Psychedelics To Cell-Based Meats - Kyle Kingsbury


Kyle Kingsbury is a retired American professional mixed martial artist. A professional competitor from 2006-2014, Kingsbury also formerly competed for King of the Cage and was a cast member of Spike TV's The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir. He is now the Director of Human Optimization at Onnit.

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#185 Pearl Farming in Tahiti - Josh Humbert


Josh Humbert arrived in French Polynesia at age two and is thus deeply connected to Tahitian culture. His lifelong love of the ocean has led him to work in pearl farming and underwater photography as well as spearfishing.

Josh’s work in Tahitian pearl farming is infused with his passion for the sea and its creatures. After 27 years in the industry he is just as excited by his work today as he was on the day he started.

He was one of the first non-Japanese pearl technicians in French Polynesia and the first person to incorporate concepts of sustainability in the Tahitian pearl industry. His family farm, Kamoka Pearl is known internationally for it’s progressive methods and beautiful pearls.

His start in professional photography began by shooting photos swimming in the line up at Teahupo'o, Tahiti where he resided with his family for eleven years and still has a home. He is currently represented by National Geographic where he brings his story telling ability to a wider range of photography work.

Josh is a current world record holder spearfisherman and his love for and ease in the water infuses his work. His images have appeared in magazines, books and online for over a dozen years.

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#184 Sex Ed with Simon Rex & Amy Baldwin


Simon Rex also known as Dirt Nasty, is an American entertainer. Rising to fame as an MTV VJ, Rex later became an actor known for What I Like About You, Scary Movie 3, 4, and 5, and National Lampoon's Pledge This!. He later developed a rap persona, Dirt Nasty, and had several solo albums and co-founded the supergroup Three Loco.

Amy Baldwin is a Sex Educator and Co-Owner of Pure Pleasure adult store in Santa Cruz, CA. She is also the Co-Host of the new podcast, Shameless Sex.

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#183 Addiction Counselor & Crossfit Athlete - Lindsey Locke


Lindsey Locke has worked in the health and fitness industry for the better part of the last decade. With an undergraduate degree from UC Santa Cruz in Legal Studies, Lindsey has long since been interested in criminal justice and inequities in the justice system. Currently receiving her Masters in Counseling Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Lindsey has turned her efforts towards approaching addiction counseling through a holistic lens, and eliminating the stigma that surrounds the topic.

Through fitness, Lindsey has helped those that have abandoned their health (either through trauma, lifestyle choices, or addiction) get back into their bodies and begin to heal from the inside out.

#182 Surf Trip Through Africa - Gouchos Del Mar


Julián and Joaquín Azulay (Gauchos del Mar) are two argentine brothers who made a trip through the American Continent on a truck starting from Los Angeles, CA and finishing in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Their dream of surfing the American Pacific Coastline lasted 403 days, where they drove more tan 30,000 kms across 13 countries. They show the Continent as a whole, through its different cultures, towns, villages, food, people, animals and landscapes while camping and surfing perfect and remote waves on their way back home.

They are currently on a two year roadtrip through Africa. 

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#181 Pro Football's Most Revolutionary Trainer - Tareq Azim


Tareq Azim is a 6x Mixed Martial Arts World Champion Head Coach, Head of off-season Development of NFL,UFC, RWL and MLB standouts, competitive product of Wild Card Boxing- Juan Carlos Martinez/ Freddie Roach, American Jiu Jitsu/ Gracie Academy Black Belt, Created the Afghan Women's Boxing Federation, Fresno State University Football Linebacker. 

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#177 Money & Politics - Attorney Jason Harrow


Jason Harrow is Chief Council at Equal Citizens and host of the Versus Trump podcast. Harrow is a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard Law School, where he won the Ames Moot Court Competition and was the President of Harvard Law's chapter of the American Constitution Society. After he finished law school, Jason clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for the Honorable Carlos Bea and on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for the Honorable Kenneth Karas. He was previously an assistant solicitor general in the Office of the New York Attorney General, and he has argued 15 appeals, including two before New York’s highest court, the New York Court of Appeals.

Take Care is the second major legal blog with which Jason has been affiliated. From 2006 to 2008, Jason was the blog manager and stats guru for SCOTUSblog, the leading website about the U.S. Supreme Court.

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#176 The Ido Portal Method - Leela Kallow & Dean Yerushalmy


Dean Yerushalmy and Leela Kalow are the only two people in Santa Cruz, California teaching the Ido Portal Method under his direct guidance in his Mentorship Program. Ido Portal formulated a pioneering Movement Culture blending elements of several physical disciplines. Dean and Leela bring their varied backgrounds in sports and dance leading them organically to Ido Portal’s method.

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#174 Nat Geo Photographer & Cave Diver - Ben Horton


Ben Horton has based his career on being able to go places that other people either cannot, or don’t want to go. From thousands of feet underwater to the most remote regions in the arctic, Ben’s passion is to use photography as a means to inspire people to take stewardship of the planet. Ben started his career with National Geographic by telling the story of the sharks of Cocos Island. He traced the illegal fishing industry from Costa Rica to China, and as a result of his work helped to increase the park boundaries and protection of two of Costa Rica’s national parks. He was awarded the National Geographic Society’s first ever Young Explorer Grant for his work, and he has since moved on to receive a number of other National Geographic grants, assignments, and recently stared in a documentary for National Geographic featuring his work in Thailand. Ben is based in southern California, where he works primarily on adventure campaigns.

#173 The Future of Eating Meat - Elliot Swartz


Elliot is a senior scientist at The Good Food Institute. He holds a bachelor's degree in behavioral neuroscience from Lehigh University and a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA. He has experience utilizing induced pluripotent stem cells for modeling neuromuscular disease as well as consulting with Verge Genomics in drug discovery for neurodegenerative disease. Elliot's work at GFI focuses on analyzing core technology areas and driving key GFI-sponsored research projects in cell-based meat, educating scientists and the public, and expanding awareness of the career opportunities in the plant-based and cell-based meat fields.



Twitter: @ElliotSwartz

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#172 Pro Skateboarder - Andy Macdonald


Andy Macdonald (@AndyMac720) has been crowned as skateboarding’s World Champion for nine years in the World Cup Skateboarding Series. He has competed in every X Games since its inception and owns 23 medals. Known for his clean image, Andy has made many high profile TV appearances in recent years, promoting a positive drug-free lifestyle, and of course, skateboarding. Andy’s appearances include 60 Minutes, the Craig Kilborn show, and The Tonight Show where he surprised everyone by ollieing onto Jay Leno's desk after being introduced. The culmination of Andy’s work with the Partnership for a Drug-Free America was a speech at the White House to introduce President Bill Clinton, where Andy was the first person to ever ride a skateboard down the smooth marble hallways inside the White House.

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#171 Roadtrip through Mexico w/ Kyle Buthman & Cliff Kapono


Kyle Buthman is an Award Winning filmmaker from Santa Cruz, CA. As a lifelong surfer, his experience growing up in and around the water has greatly influenced his work, resulting in a unique eye for detail and a knack for capturing life in motion. Over the years, Kyle has honed his talent to expand beyond the surf world. Through his production company Buthman Media, Kyle offers services in all of your production needs, He works exclusively with state of the art equipment and shoots in stunning Ultra High Definition. Previous clients include: Vans, UFC, Vice and Patagonia. If you are looking for reliable and quality work, Buthman Media has got you covered.

Dr. Cliff Kapono is a professional surfer, chemist and journalist. Born on the eastern shores of Hawai‘i, his life involves equal parts science as it does surf. While contributing several peer-reviewed publications to the fields of molecular bioscience, he has also produced a handful award-winning films that discuss indigenous activism, ocean conservation, global food security and virtual reality. He has been profiled in publications such as The New York Times, NBC, CBS, Surfer Magazine, and more. Cliff is currently based in Hilo, Hawai‘i and can be found tinkering in the lab when not chasing the best waves on the planet.




Music: Anthony Letterel Jr.

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#170 Inside MUD\WTR - Co-Founders, Shane Heath & Paul DeJoe


MUD\WTR is an amalgam of organic, earth-grown ingredients lauded by cultures old and young around the world for their health and performance benefits. Packed with adaptogenic mushroom compounds, each ingredient was included in this blend for a specific purpose to complement a life that demands one's best. 

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