#55 The City Surf Project - Johnny Irwin

Johnny Irwin ( @CitySurfProject ) is the Executive Director of City Surf Project. Their mission is to teach underserved youth from low-income communities in San Francisco valuable life skills through the sport of surfing. By learning to ride waves, students will build self-confidence and discover tools necessary to overcome boundaries, both in and out of the water.

Not only do they seek to offer a physical education program in schools that do not provide a PE class, they aim to connect students with nature, teaching them to use the ocean as a stress reliever and a meditative outlet.

Students will complete a physically rigorous training program, developing an ethic of hard work and perseverance. Ultimately, their goal is to help youth bring the skills they learn riding waves back to their everyday life in order to relieve stress, deal with trauma, and maintain a positive mental state.

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