#124 Route One Surfboards - Malachi


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Words from Malachi: Shaping is my passion and my art.  My goal is to make high performance surfboards for the surfer that has no boundaries, and a need to push the limits of their ability across the globe.  Furthermore, I want my boards to be eco-friendly, durable, and of the highest performing materials to ensure that my surfers travel fast, light, and most importantly have fun.

Growing up and surfing the Central Coast of California, we have a multitude of waves and challenges surfing here.  Which is why I believe it is the best location to test and create equipment that can act as not just a tool to explore your personal surfing, but to act as a companion on your journey to explore new venues.

My team and I are constantly testing new ideas everyday to make sure that every product has the Route One team stamp of approval.  I use the best tools I can to create and design the highest possible performing surfboard, to suit the ever changing needs of the free surfer and the explorer.  And I love working with individuals to help find the perfect companion for their next adventure.


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