#185 Pearl Farming in Tahiti - Josh Humbert


Josh Humbert arrived in French Polynesia at age two and is thus deeply connected to Tahitian culture. His lifelong love of the ocean has led him to work in pearl farming and underwater photography as well as spearfishing.

Josh’s work in Tahitian pearl farming is infused with his passion for the sea and its creatures. After 27 years in the industry he is just as excited by his work today as he was on the day he started.

He was one of the first non-Japanese pearl technicians in French Polynesia and the first person to incorporate concepts of sustainability in the Tahitian pearl industry. His family farm, Kamoka Pearl is known internationally for it’s progressive methods and beautiful pearls.

His start in professional photography began by shooting photos swimming in the line up at Teahupo'o, Tahiti where he resided with his family for eleven years and still has a home. He is currently represented by National Geographic where he brings his story telling ability to a wider range of photography work.

Josh is a current world record holder spearfisherman and his love for and ease in the water infuses his work. His images have appeared in magazines, books and online for over a dozen years.

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