#171 Roadtrip through Mexico w/ Kyle Buthman & Cliff Kapono


Kyle Buthman is an Award Winning filmmaker from Santa Cruz, CA. As a lifelong surfer, his experience growing up in and around the water has greatly influenced his work, resulting in a unique eye for detail and a knack for capturing life in motion. Over the years, Kyle has honed his talent to expand beyond the surf world. Through his production company Buthman Media, Kyle offers services in all of your production needs, He works exclusively with state of the art equipment and shoots in stunning Ultra High Definition. Previous clients include: Vans, UFC, Vice and Patagonia. If you are looking for reliable and quality work, Buthman Media has got you covered.

Dr. Cliff Kapono is a professional surfer, chemist and journalist. Born on the eastern shores of Hawai‘i, his life involves equal parts science as it does surf. While contributing several peer-reviewed publications to the fields of molecular bioscience, he has also produced a handful award-winning films that discuss indigenous activism, ocean conservation, global food security and virtual reality. He has been profiled in publications such as The New York Times, NBC, CBS, Surfer Magazine, and more. Cliff is currently based in Hilo, Hawai‘i and can be found tinkering in the lab when not chasing the best waves on the planet.




Music: Anthony Letterel Jr.

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