#48 Sex At Dawn - Dr. Chris Ryan

Dr. Christopher Ryan is an American author best known for co-authoring the book Sex at Dawn. He received a B.A. in English and American literature in 1984 and an M.A. and Ph.D. in psychology from Saybrook University, an accredited hybrid low-residency/online learning program based in San Francisco twenty years later. His masters thesis examined difference in specific personality measures between working fashion models and the general public. 

Ryan gave a TED talk in February 2013, contributes to Psychology Today and has an interview podcast called Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan.

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#47 Documentary Filmmaker - Cyrus Sutton

Cyrus Sutton (@cyrus_sutton) is an American director and professional surfer. Growing up in Southern California and dividing his time between the coast and mountains, Sutton's inventive approach to filmmaking became the basis of the outdoor surf website Korduroy.tv Growing up near the ocean and participating in water sports such as body surfing, bodyboarding and surfing, he sought to use cinematography to document the surf culture around him and on his travels. His commercial clients include Adidas, Apple, Corona, Reef, and Patagonia. His career has been well documented by various national publications such as Surfer Magazine and the New York Times.

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Island Earth

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#39 I Took Ayahuasca In Costa Rica - Dr. Jeff McNairy

Dr. Jeff McNairy has worked in the health care field for over 25 years in a variety of medical environments.  As former director of Passages Malibu, a world-renowned drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, McNairy was always seeking newer and better ways to help his patients achieve true, lasting recovery from their addictions. He now works as the head doctor at Rythmia. 

#36 Terra Genesis - Ethan Roland

Ethan Roland is a founder of Terra Genesis International and the Regenerative Enterprise Institute. With on-the-ground experience in 34 countries, he has designed more than 3000 acres of Regenerative Agriculture landscapes in every major climate zone in the world. 

Ethan is the Executive Vice President of Research at HowGood and the co-author of Regenerative Enterprise and the Levels of Regenerative Agriculture. He designs, writes, and farms on his permaculture orchard in upstate New York.

#34 The Business Of Big Business - Lawrence Koh

Lawrence Koh is the founder and CEO of International Diversified Products (IDP). Established in 1987, IDP is built on Lawrence’s commitment to a relationship-centered approach to business and is a natural legacy of his decades of work as a motivational speaker and personal development facilitator.  He also founded the Students for a Better Tomorrow Foundation (SBT), which mentors youth in relationship-building and entrepreneurial business skills. In 2003 he received the America’s Promise–Marketable Skills Award for his work in empowering teens.

In addition to IDP, Koh is the founder of The UTOPIA Project, which seeks to relieve the effects of poverty by creating jobs opportunities to manufacture and distribute UTOPIA-branded products worldwide. Profits from the Project are used to provide food, clothing, shelter, clean water, education, personal development programs, and skill training to those in need.

Description From: Thinkbig.com 

#32 The Ahupua'a System - Brothers Brandon & Justin Lee

Big Island native Brandon Lee is raising organic Berkshire pigs sustainably, and his goal is to create the optimal pig for Hawaiian cooking.

To create a healthy environment, Lee uses an open pasture system and rotational grazing. After the pigs graze in a field, chickens run through and eat all the fleas and maggots that have developed in the dirt, creating a clean pasture: There’s no stench, and the pigs are free of pests. Goats are the next animals up in the rotation; they come through to eat the weeds.

Description taken from: Eater.com 

Video: http://www.eater.com/video/2017/2/6/14505112/raising-pigs-hawaii

#31 Salvaging Wood & Surfing In The Eddie - Big Ben Wilkenson

Born to a blue-collar family, Ben Wilkinson (@pitmove) was raised in a caravan at North Narrabeen. At 16, after outgrowing both the caravan and the Sydney beachbreaks, his quest for more challenging surf began. These days, settled on the North Shore of Oahu, he dedicates his life to charging the biggest surf possible. "I'm interested in pushing the performance aspect of paddle-in surfing," he says, "coming hard off the bottom and drawing critical lines on XXL waves." Out of the water Big Ben combines carpentry and art, working with salvaged wood to create custom furniture for clients in Hawai'i and around the world.

#30 Vice Correspondent - Thomas Morton

Thomas Morton (@BabyBalls69) is a writer, producer, and on camera correspondent for Vice. 

During his tenure at the magazine, Morton wrote first-hand accounts of infiltrating religious cults, competitive binge-eating and living with a Dominican family for a week. He was also the first non-Juggalo to attend and report on the Gathering of the Juggalos.

When Vice launched its online video channel in 2007, Morton began appearing as an on-air correspondent in numerous documentaries and video series, covering environmental catastrophes in the Pacific Ocean, the Louisiana Gulf coast, and the Brazilian Amazon. 

Morton has been a producer and correspondent for Vice HBO since 2013.

From 2014 to 2015, Morton served as a field reporter and host for Noisey's music documentaries Noisey Chiraq and Noisey Atlanta. 

In early 2016, Vice began broadcasting a new television channel, VICELAND. Thomas Morton currently hosts a long-form, pop anthropology docuseries called Balls Deep, which features in-depth investigative pieces focused on different American subcultures in each episode.